A Post Oil Economy: Practical Solutions for Diversification

A Post Oil Economy: Practical Solutions for Diversification

Nigeria’s naira is now tagged as the worst performing currency in the world with a drop of 145 per vent over the past 20 months, writes CNBC Africa global market analyst Kelvin Emmanuel – who is also founder of the 2016 Investor Conference to be held in Lagos in November.

The Federal Government’s revenue has dropped by 78 per cent in the past 18 months owing to both the drop in crude oil price and drop in production levels promised to the OPEC, and caused by the security instability and regional imbalance in the oil-rich delta region. Inflation is presently at 16.8 per cent, and GDP growth figures has dropped to a negative region of -0.07 per cent.

Meanwhile, foreign investors have requested the FG to guarantee a 20 per cent on bond yield coupons as a precondition to bring in funds into the capital markets.

What are the answers to these challenges?

The 2016 Investor Conference gathers business and political leaders across the spectrum to debate, discuss and adopt policy thinking, ideas on sustainable methods, plans, procedures, and the laws necessary to move Nigeria’s economy on the path of development.

Our keynote speeches are delivered by seasoned industry leaders that present unconventional and innovative approaches that the Government and business community can collaborate on to make the vision happen. Our plenary sessions are high electric, filled with healthy debates with delegates to challenge assumptions and stale ideas with fresh and improved methods.

The Conference convenes delegates from all over the world in a warm Lagos atmosphere, filled with networking, good food and life changing discussions to make your end of the year, a perfect thrill.

As the host of the Conference, I look forward to welcoming you with your questions and answers around subjects such as:

How can the Central Bank of Nigeria coordinate monetary and fiscal policy making to stabilise the local currency and improve our purchasing power?

How can we build a modern gas distribution network that meets the local energy needs of Nigerians, stops gas flaring, and earn export revenues from gas export to Europe?

How can we mechanise agriculture by making the production, preservation, distribution and retail a sustainable means of livelihood and job creation for millions of Nigerians, that in process guarantees food security?

How can we challenge the millennial generation to use technology as a means for economic progress and social equality in Africa’s most populous nation?

How can we change the narrative from being a dependent, import, security risky nation to an inter-dependent, export driven and well secured country with strategic and healthy multi-lateral relationships globally?

The 2016 Investor Conference will be held on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria on 24-25th November. Get more information and register here

Conference 4Kelvin Emmanuel has 10 years of experience trading derivatives privately and has worked as the Head of Business Development and Training for the Russian-owned Alpari Group, as well as the Founding Partner & Country Manager of the South African owned ACMGold that currently has presence in 14 countries. In 2009, he was invited by the late former Minister of Communications to consult for the National Rebranding Campaign promoted by the Federal Government. In the past five years, he has been active as a global market analyst and consultant to CNBC Africa, Channels TV & WebTV. He has also consulted and played a key role in the start-up of several European financial firms that are now active in Nigeria. He is a full time trader, investor in capital markets and most recently the Founder of a non-profit that focuses on Education and Entrepreneurship Development. In 2014, he founded the Annual Investor Conference.

Connect with Kelvin on LinkedIn here

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