Interest in doing business in Africa is increasing across the world, particularly among contemporary investors, entrepreneurs and the African diaspora. Africa is viewed by many as the last frontier of emerging markets, and for those looking to capitalise on this opportune time the business climate has never been better. However, perhaps due to misconceptions, lack of connections, and a limited understanding of the diverse and vast amount of opportunities that the continent offers, most are unsure of where to start or how to navigate.

It’s our daily business to keep track of the fast-moving trends and developments taking place on the continent, and we share these insights with our network and wider community; creating a platform to consistently build our business links and keep track of the needs, challenges and opportunities presented across Africa.

We leverage our personal contacts, interactions and relationships to connect professionals seeking deals and partnerships in Ghana, and regularly publish industry news, events and articles shared by our partners, associates and expert contributors across Sub-Saharan Africa and in the UK.

We specifically offer boutique services for UK investors, businesses and start-ups who want to operate in Ghana. Clients can benefit from our diverse network consisting of private sector, grassroots and government stakeholders based in the London and Accra, and develop an authentic, real-time, deep-rooted connection between both territories.