Tech Connect Africa is now BeTechConnected

Tech Connect Africa is now BeTechConnected

Tech Connect Africa has announced a change of its company’s identity to BeTechConnected. The decision to rebrand stems from the commitment to evolving with the ever-changing landscape of the industry and ensuring continued relevance and growth.

Over the years, BeTechConnected has grown, adapted, and expanded its services to serve the needs of its clients better. As the company continues to innovate and embrace new opportunities, its brand must reflect the modern, dynamic organisation it has become.

The company’s mission is promoting the Future of Work and prioritising connecting job-ready talents to the global tech community, emphasising their seamless integration and contribution to the ever-evolving technology landscape.

BeTechConnected aspires to make a lasting impact on the global workforce by showcasing the immense potential of job-ready African talents. By connecting these talents with the global tech community, the company not only provides valuable opportunities for individuals but also contributes to a more diverse, inclusive, and innovative global workforce.

Founder of BeTechConnected, Akosua Osei, a renowned business development and tech sales consultant, aiming to bridge geographical boundaries and unlock the full potential of African talents on a global scale, fostering mutual growth and prosperity for both individuals represented and the global tech industry as a whole.

Last year, BeTechConnected hosted a masterclass with the aim of instructing both students and professionals on effective strategies for enhancing their appeal to global tech opportunities.

The company conducted webinars and utilised Twitter (X) spaces as platforms to educate the community about optimising their CVs, excelling in interviews, and acquiring a diverse range of tech skills, including digital marketing, tech sales, and graphic design, among others. Furthermore, the organisation facilitated connections between its members and job or internship openings within the realm of technology startups.

BeTechConnected will host their flagship event, the Future of Work Conference 2023 in November.

Future of Work ’23 is a forward-looking tech education summit designed to raise awareness and champion the concept of the future of work, particularly among African youth. This tech job fair will serve as a platform to explore and navigate the evolving landscape of employment and technology, empowering attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in the rapidly changing world of work.

This event is made possible with a strong team and strategic partnerships like Ayahq, Careercare Africa, Digicliq Media Consult, Hyperlink Africa, Kweku Tech, Bankless Africa and Go Go Wash.

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