Olusegun Obasanjo: ‘We Must Mobilise Investment in to Africa’

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Former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo has sited energy and infrastructure as the key sectors for investment in Africa, to provide a sustainable and revenue-driving foundation for the continent’s future.

Speaking to AB2020 creator Akosua Annobil backstage at the Global African Investment Summit (TGAIS) held in December 2015 in London, Obasanjo said: ‘Our emphasis should be on energy and infrastructure. If we get those two correct, we will particularly generate employment.

‘The combination of energy, infrastructure and employment will then generate wealth, and we’ll be able to do what is right in education and health, and even produce more food. Infrastructure is one key that will affect all sectors.’

Obasanjo is Chair of TGAIS, which is managed by DMG Events and was launched by event director Paul Sinclair last year. Obasanjo explains:

‘When I was approached to be involved in TGAIS I saw it as an opportunity to mobolise investment generally for the investment of Africa, and use the opportunity at every stage to correct the misperception and the misrepresentation about Africa.

‘It is necessary because if Africa will move along the path of transformation it must be seen as it truly is. Africa is not just a continent of conflict, corruption and dictatorship where nothing works.

‘We have a lot of things that are going right for Africa, but we must tell our story and also those who are friends and partners of Africa who want to help us must also compliment our story from their own point of view.

‘Anything for the good of Africa I will never be tired of being involved; being active and doing my best,’ he said.

TGAIS returns to Rwanda in September and the UK in November/December 2016.

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