Discover Historic African Art in Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra

Discover Historic African Art in Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra

Set in the heart of Accra’s business and finance district, the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra sits amidst 16 acres of lush gardens surrounding an oasis, most likely the largest lagoon style pool in the city centre.

This 5 star hotel located in Ghana’s capital, lies about 7km from the Kotoka International Airport and close by the Accra International Conference Centre and National Theatre. Beyond its aesthetic beauty and tranquil atmosphere, the hotel is well known for its excellent meeting and conferencing facilities renowned for delivering superior services to high level delegations.

Mövenpick is a celebrated Swiss brand, but this upscale hotel holds dear its treasures – precious artifacts and a compelling history dating as far back as the genesis of Ghana’s liberation, it’s Independence Day.

The Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel was completely rebuilt on the very grounds of the original Ambassador Hotel, a significant landmark in Ghana’s recent history presented by the United Kingdom to the government of Ghana upon attainment of her independence in 1957.

Although the building had degenerated over the years and lost a huge part of its glorious past, many works, stunning wooden carvings of animals, artefacts and design features have been lovingly restored from the days of the old hotel and are still currently displayed in the main lobby. It is intriguing to know that the wooden panels located behind the reception and in the lobby, are also actually from the first Ambassador Hotel opened in 1957.


Today, the hotel blends every aspect of the 21st century excellence alongside original artwork from the contemporary Ghanaian artists. The lobby’s striking chandelier and the rich hues and colours of the hotel’s tapestries and paintings evoke the magic and mystery of West African culture.

In particular, the hotel has a spellbinding collection of over 1,500 pieces of art which add to the unique quality of the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Accra. Wondering through its corridors, it is evident that the paintings proudly displayed on the walls of each floor are curated with captivating themes.

About ninety five per cent of these masterpieces are works of prominent Ghanaian artists and the other five per cent are of West African origin. The collection includes an impressive portrait of Ghana’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, dating back to 1956, while two large murals splendidly displayed at either end of the ballroom also maintain the link with the hotel’s heritage.

The originals were painted by the distinguished artist Kofi Antubam, one of the founders of Ghana’s National School of Painting, which inspired the painstaking reproductions created for the hotel by his students.

Each room also has at least two original paintings by local artists exhibiting the hotel’s desire to encourage links with current Ghanaian art by commissioning work from contemporary artists.

Perhaps to say that the hotel is literally an art gallery may be an exaggeration but it is undeniable that the art collections, artefacts and design features truly add to the hotel’s aesthetic appeal and splendour. Guests seeking to experience bits of Ghanaian culture during their business trips need not look further than the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra as they are bound to discovered and appreciate Ghanaian art and culture through the hidden tales told by strokes and crafts of perfection in subtle yet awestricken ways.

Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel is a five-star hotel in Accra, Ghana and occupies a well landscaped area of 16 acres. Just 7 km from Kotoka International Airport and located in Accra’s Central Business District close by the International Conference Centre and Government Ministries, the Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel is your premium venue for business meetings and celebrations.

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