Former MEST Africa PR Launches Web Series

Former MEST Africa PR Launches Web Series

A new series created to encourage the African public to leverage technology in their lives and businesses has been launched online.

The Tech Roundup is a web show created by Kelechi Udoagwu – former Head of Communications at MEST Africa and co-founder of Skrife – in collaboration with OMG Digital (aka, the ‘BuzzFeed of Africa’).

Kelechi says they aim to simplify the news, trends and events in the fast-growing technology industry for African’s who are keen to keep up with the pace of the global tech scene: ‘In everything I do and create, my mission is to empower and enlighten those around me,’ she explains.

‘With [OMG], I am creating this show to get African business owners, small-time entrepreneurs and individuals to understand and use technology to make their businesses and lives easier and better.’

She adds: ‘Whether we like it or not, technology and the digital space are not going anywhere. It’s only going to get bigger, more crowded and more intense as the years go by. The Tech Roundup is my way of making sure that we, Africans, are not left behind in taking advantage of all that technology has to offer.’

The Tech Roundup will be published weekly on OMG’s Digital’s Bitnode and Kelechi’s Facebook platforms.

Watch the trailer here

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