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Source: Techcabal

Iyin Aboyeji, founder of VC firm Future Africa, and general partner Mia von Koschitzky-Kimani are set to launch Accelerate Africa, an accelerator supported by a $750,000 USAID grant. Aboyeji and Koschitzky-Kimani, who have two unicorns and several exits between them, hope to produce the next generation of global businesses.

Aiming to be the “YC of Africa”, the inaugural Accelerate Africa cohort will run an eight-week program for ten startups in pre-seed and seed-stage across all sectors and from any of Africa’s 54 countries. The program will focus on helping founders improve their storytelling, build their teams, business development and product development.

Accelerate Africa comes as accelerators are quietly shutting down across the continent. Y Combinator, arguably the world’s most famous accelerator, is also beating a retreat from Africa. The accelerator’s summer 2023 cohort had only three African startups.

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