Help Social Entrepreneur Create a Million Jobs in Africa by 2020

Help Social Entrepreneur Create a Million Jobs in Africa by 2020

Dear AB2020 community,

I am Tom-Chris Emewulu, a social entrepreneur currently based in Accra, Ghana. I am excited to be accepted into Draper University’s nine month Entrepreneurship Master’s program with a $30,000 scholarship!

Earlier last month, I was part of 100 entrepreneurs selected by SpeedUP Africa to participate in their four-day epic boot camp. I am very fortunate to be one of the nine Startup founders that received the scholarship from Draper University via the Boot Camp.

When my acceptance letter came, it read: ‘this isn’t just an acceptance letter – it’s a call to action, an invitation to step up to the plate, and an opportunity to become a hero.’

And to become a hero, I will need your help to raise the rest of the funds not covered in the scholarship package.

About Me

In 2013, I read that about 66,000 young people graduate every year in Ghana. But only about three per cent of these are able to secure formal employment within one year. Although there has been tremendous improvements in the business practices in Africa, the challenge lies in integrating youth into the workforce. Obviously there is a big disconnect because in as much as the economy is expanding and domestic demand is increasing, job creation is not, hence the growing youth unemployment rate in Africa.

I thought I could do something about this, so I founded Stars From All Nations (SFAN); a social enterprise that bridges the gap between education and work.

Everything we do at SFAN is based on the simple premise that young people are smart and if given the skills and tools to engage in the real world, magic will happen!

Since its inception in late 2013, SFAN has become a driver of social impact in Ghana, by transitioning youth from college to career. Read more here.

What Will Your Donation Do:

All of your donations will do to the following:

  • Cover remaining tuition costs amounting to $10,000.
  • Cover round trip airline ticket to San Francisco, CA.
  • Cover ground transportation and expenses traveling to San Francisco, CA.
  • Additional funding raised will be used to implement projects at SFAN

My Goals is to Give Back:

Having read and viewed the testimonies of ‘heroes’ from Draper University, I am confident that this is an opportunity for me to take our work at SFAN to exponential levels. We will create tools that will equip young people with skills for job creation. My goal is to create a million job opportunities in Africa by 2020.

Click here to make a donation

Thank you so much for your contributions. Please share with your network with the hashtag: #RAISE4TOMCHRIS.

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